This research unit works on the understanding and creation of bio-based material at molecular and supramolecular structures to fabricate the biomaterials possessing desirable functional properties for food, cosmetic, packaging and textile industries.

     Current researches include structure-function relationships of agri-based and bio-based polymers, interactions between chitosan and ionic surfactant, self-assembling process of food proteins and peptides, phase separation in water-in-water dispersions and fabrications of nano-scale structures such as nanoparticle, nanosphere and nanofiber.

  • Bio-based plastic from economic Thai crops using extrusion technology
  • Bio-based composite of poly(lactide) and natural fibre
  • Poly(lactic acid)-starch based compound resin and package via extrusion and thermoforming processes
  • Silver nanoparticles incorporated chitosan/starch-based film
  • Poly(lactic acid) epoxidized natural rubber/organoclay nanocomposites

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Dr. Ranarong Yoksan
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