The Modern Agricultural Futures Apprentice 2011

Global Business Conference 2011
Ms. Ajchara Kessuvan, the lecturer of Department of Agro-Industrial Technology, presented her research at Global Business Conference, Croatia


This research unit provides expertise in employing management science and engineering technology to solve agri-food chain problems such as perishable resource procurement, manufacturing, quality, marketing, finance and investment, human resource, distribution of goods and services, transportation and information systems. We design and refine agri-food chain processes and systems to continuously improve quality, safety and productivity.

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Supply Chain and Logistics Management for Cassava Products in Thailand

Parthana Parthanadee, Jirachai Buddhakulsomsiri, Chumpol Monthatipkul, and Charoenchai Khompatraporn

Funding: Office of the Higher Education Commission (September 2009)

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