The research unit investigates  structure-forming process of food matrices in the encapsulation of bioactive compounds at micro- and nano-length scale.  We aim to modify assembling processes of natural biopolymers such as polysaccharides, starches, proteins, lipids, as well as surfactants, in the encapsulation of functional ingredients like antioxidants and health-promoting bioactive compounds (anticancer and immunomodulating compounds). 

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New understanding on starch functionalities

PI: Parichat Hongsprabhas; Grant: National Science and Technology Development Agency

Soy residue from soy milk production - Excellent fiber source we should not throw away

PI: Parichat Hongsprabhas; Grant: National Science and Technology Development Agency

Microencapsulation of tuna oil

PI: Utai Klinkesorn; Grant: Thailand Research Fund

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